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  • About Us

    We believe a great photograph does not come from the camera you own, but the vision you see.


    We're 'those' people- a dynamic duo - married, with a young son (who often is the subject of our photographs because he's adorable). We live in the Sierra Nevada's where we enjoy everything the wilderness has to offer. We spend the rest of our time ocean fishing from Mexico to Alaska, and every where in between. We're world travelers, and home-bodies alike.


    We've always said we live life backwards. If there's 99% chance something won't happen, it'll happen to us. We see the world differently; we play in the world differently. Our photography is about life as it happens, life as we see it. Our photographs strive to tell a story or generate emotion.

    The photographs below were taken moments apart, each with our own cameras, respectively, of each other...you can get a sense of our complimentary and contradictory nature as a photography team.

  • Photographers

    MJ Photo Co. is the outcome of a married couple's desire to have a hobby together.

    Matt Johnson

    50mm & telephoto

    As an ocean angler, hunter and avid hiker, he's got a natural gift to capture action and the great outdoors. He brings a unique vantage to the every day world, and it shows in his photographs.

    Michaela Johnson

    18-55mm & wide angle

    As a published author and journalist, she's always looking for the story, raw and candid emotion. For the last 20 years she's brought her camera every where she goes, and has learned the art of creatively capturing life in the moment.

  • Say hello!

    Let us know if you would like to use our works or hire us for your project.

    Rates- $100 per hour, min. 2 hours, + travel expenses (if required), disc of 25 photographs, edited.

    Our guarantee, if you don't love-love-love 5 photos, we'll re-shoot - for free

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